How to prevent the official app from performing Facebook login authentication on the Android app

Question: Question:

I am creating an app for Android 4.0 and
Among them, I would like to authenticate (OAuth) with Facebook.

Available in Facebook SDK
I tried using Session and GUI components UserSettingsFragment and LoginButton .
If your device has a Facebook app
The Facebook app will automatically try to authenticate.

I'd like this to work the same with or without the Facebook app, but if anyone knows how, please let me know.
Or if there is a way to do pure OAuth authentication without using the official app, please teach me.

Answer: Answer:

Why do you want it to work the same with or without the Facebook app?

As @tokoi wrote, if you write the code to handle OAuth on the server side yourself using WebView and use it via WebView, it can be implemented, but in this case "using Facebook app" However, there are concerns about the deterioration of the experience such as "You will be asked for the user name / password again on WebView".

Also, if you look at Facebook's terms ( ), it's 7.2.

Native iOS and Android apps that implement Facebook login must use the official login SDK.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to avoid the flow defined in the SDK from the viewpoint of the rules.

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