angularjs – How to perform an action whenever $uibModal is closed?


How do I perform an action whenever $uibModal is closed?

Just to make my learning easier, when I close the modal, I want to display a message.

For example:

angular.module('app', ['ui.bootstrap']).controller('TesteController', function ($scope, $uibModal) {

     $scope.modal = function () {

          var modal = ${
             template: '<div class="modal-body">Olá mundo</div>'

          // Como posso executar isso?

          modal.quandoFechar(function () {
            $scope.mensagem = 'Você fechou o modal';

The modal.quandoFechar function obviously doesn't exist, but I want to know if there is any function that performs a callback when $uibModalInstance is closed.


To perform some action with the "result" of the modal, you need to use the promise result and then function.

All then functions can receive up to three callbacks

  • successCallback is executed when the promise is resolved;
  • errorCallback is executed when the promise is rejected;
  • notifyCallback is executed when notified.

Whenever a click occurs outside the modal area (in the background) it will result in a rejected promise.


modal.result.then(function () {
    $scope.mensagem = 'Você fechou o modal';
}, function () {
   $scope.mensagem = 'Clique fora da modal';

If you want to show the same message for both cases, or even perform some action after the exception of the callback passed to then , you can use the finally function

modal.result.then(function () {
    $scope.mensagem = 'Promisse resolvida';
}, function () {
   $scope.mensagem = 'Promisse rejeitada';
    $scope.mensagem2 = 'Modal fechada';
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