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I made a console program to show the times, but they are different times from what we know – and it involves a very simple account.

It checks the system time, and when it finds that a minute has passed, it prints the current calculated time on the screen.

Examples of his output:


However, I would like it to work a little better:

I wish it had the precision of a second, or a .beat

For that, I should be able to create a task linked to the system clock, so that it would notify me precisely at the time I determined .

I know it's possible to loop infinitely, and check the system time thousands of times – but I don't really like the idea. The ideal would be to have a listener that lets me know that it's time to perform my task.

It is possible? How to make? (Is there any voodoo magic that allows this?)

  • I would like simple examples, in different languages
  • console program
  • No need to implement the .beat account
  • The idea is to free up the program to do other things and have the task started at a precise moment in time.
  • One language per answer!

The account, for those who are curious, is this:
(UTC+1segundos + (UTC+1minutos * 60) + (UTC+1horas * 3600)) / 86.4



In Python there is a sched package that can be used to schedule tasks at certain points of time. See the example:

import sched, time, threading, sys

trigger = time.mktime((2017, 6, 14, 21, 15, 36, 0, 0, 0))

def task(trigger):
    sys.stdout.write("Tarefa executada com um erro de " + str(time.time() - trigger) + ' segundos\n')

s = sched.scheduler(time.time, time.sleep)

s.enterabs(trigger, 1, task, argument=(trigger,))

t = threading.Thread(

while t.is_alive(): pass # Simula o programa executando normalmente

For the example above, the task function will be executed exactly on 2017-06-14 at 21:15:36, displaying on the screen the message (for example):

Tarefa executada com um erro de 0.0057599544525146484 segundos

Veja funcionando no

Referência das funções utilizadas:


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