java – How to pass your object from jsp to controller


I have a User , in it there is a link to the Role , and for example, on the editUser page editUser I need to collect a User object in a spring MVC controller (I add User user to the controller parameters), such objects as name(String) , email(String) , age(int) are collected in User normally, and in order to add Role there, I need to get the edited User out of the database, extract its role and assign it to a new User object, and only then do update in hibernate .

So the question is, is it possible to collect User together with Role from the jsp page somehow by spring?

I tried to specify the field in the layout

input type="hidden" name="role" value"${user.role}"

but then the controller does not find at all and redirects to page 400.

PS I add User from the get-controller to jsp, that is, the User variables can be obtained in jsp


For me, this is not possible at the client level.

Alternatively, you need to first send the id of the desired object with a request, and then use the id to get it.

I would do it like this


<form:form modelAttribute("user") action="..." method="post">
<input hidden name="id" value="${}">

Inside method *

.........@ModelAttribute("user") User user, @RequestParam("id") Integer id) {
Role role = (Role) session.createQuery("from Role role where").setParameter("id", id).list().get(0);
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