paid market – How to migrate a previous MercadoPago subscription account to the new one?


We have created hundreds of subscriptions with basic checkout , before there was a custom checkout option for subscriptions.

We now want to migrate to the custom one ( /v1 ) and we do not know how to migrate our current data in MercadoPago . All our subscriptions are stored in "preapprovals" MercadoPago and new entities (invoices and plan the least) do not exist.

Is there a way to migrate the data, without losing subscriptions or having to ask all users for credit card details again?

Or perhaps the only solution is to keep the old and new systems in parallel as long as we have subscribers to the old version? I hope is not like that…

I cannot find information about it in the documentation.

Reference Data:

  1. Platform developed in Ruby on Rails .

  2. All management with Mercadopago , with the exception of the page to enter the card details, is managed using the previous version of the MercadoPago API .

  3. We want to go to the new version because it has features that we have been waiting for a long time, such as the possibility of knowing the expiration date of the cards.


Unfortunately, as of July 2017, MercadoPago's response by email is as follows:

There is currently no way to automatically migrate customers who have V0 subscriptions to V1 subscriptions.

Hopefully this changes in the near future … 🙁

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