How to make python only read the file when it is complete


I'm making a program that reads a .txt file that updates itself when running another program in fortran and creates a real-time animation of the temperature map of a plate, however it's giving an error because fortran keeps updating the file in real time, because in some moments python opens the file before the fortran loop ends and takes an incomplete array which will therefore crash the program. Any idea how to make the two run together?

Follow the code in question below

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.animation as animation
import time

x = np.linspace(0, 99, num=100)
y = np.linspace(0, 99, num=100)
X,Y = np.meshgrid(x, y)

fig = plt.figure()
ax1 = fig.add_subplot(1,1,1)

def animate(i):
        file = open('Temperature.txt', 'r')
        for i in range (1,n+1):
                line = file.readline().strip().split()
        CS = plt.contourf(X,Y,Temp_matrix,9)

        plt.title('Placa 1x1')

ani = animation.FuncAnimation(fig, animate, interval=1000)



Calculation time is usually longer than recording time, so considering a small file (100×100), I assume you are calculating with the file open:

  1. Open the file for reading
  2. compute value
  3. write value
  4. close file

In this process, Python probably won't be able to open the file… Or will read the file halfway through, before the calculation is complete.

There are two ways to avoid this:

Python approach:

Use Popen Constructor to open the file. It returns an object with wait() method that will wait until Fortran closes the file.

Fortran approach:

I suggest reviewing Fortran's own code.

You should store the values ​​in memory and Flush only when complete.

call flush(valores)

Hope this helps!


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