How to install KriSp package on R?


I want to install the following package on R

It is in tar.gz format

I used the following command:

install.packages("~/KriSp_0.4.tar.gz", repos = NULL, type = "source")

When I try to install it, the following message appears:

Warning: invalid package

Error: ERROR: no packages specified

Warning in install.packages


To install this package the easiest way is using devtools .

Install devtools using install.packages("devtools") . On Windows, devtools also asks to install RTools which is not a package but another program:

KriSp appears to have been built on earlier versions of R and does not have a NAMESPACE file in its source code. Therefore, it is necessary to unzip the code, and add this file in the folder. I unzipped it using 7zip and then created a copy of the DESCRIPTION file, renamed it to NAMESPACE and deleted the contents.

Then using the command:

devtools::install_local("caminho para a pasta com o codigo fonte")



You should be able to install the package.

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