laravel – How to identify the method that was called in the constructor?


How can I identify which method was called in my controller constructor ?

I'm using Laravel 5.3 and my controller follows the resource pattern ( index, show, edit …).


In the route files, it is configured:

Route::get('/paginas', 'PaginasController@index');    

and in the builder use:

$controlerAndAction = \Route::currentRouteAction();


string(44) "App\Http\Controllers\PaginasController@index"


$controlerAndAction = \Route::current()->getActionName();


string(44) "App\Http\Controllers\PaginasController@index"

To get the action which in this case is the index a function like this solves:

$actionName = function ($value)
   return substr($value, strrpos($value, '@') + 1 );
echo $actionName($controlerAndAction);

I didn't see anything in the documentation directly, it even has a getAction but it doesn't bring the action directly ( Action ) and often, depending on the configuration of the route ( Route ), it brings its value to zero .

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