php – How to get content inside string up to a "slash /" character


I have the following String:

$link = '13542345/essa_e_minhastring';

How do I get only the value up to the slash "/" and ignore the rest?

I would like to assign this value to a variable.

I'm using the following code, but it just breaks the string…and doesn't separate it into a variable like I need:

 $cod = str_replace("/","<br>",$link);
 echo $cod;

The result is:


I need it to be just:



You can split the string by / using explode() and then just use the first part like this:

$partes = explode("/", $link);
echo $partes[0]; // dá 13542345


Another alternative is to use regex like this:

$link = '13542345/essa_e_minhastring';
$pattern = '/[^\/]+/';
preg_match($pattern, $link, $partes, PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE);
echo $partes[0][0]; // dá 13542345


I did a test between explode , preg_match , strtok and substr . The test certainly fails because it is so simple and isolated, and therefore not real. But it's interesting. The result between the 4 methods is:

7.9003810882568E-8 sec / por explode
2.0149707794189E-7 sec / por preg_match // <- mais rápida
4.8128128051758E-8 sec / por strtok
5.2464962005615E-8 sec / por substr
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