How to generate an object in Ember.js store from JSON from backend side?


There is a rest controller on the Spring side, which sends a JSON response on a GET request. JSON is complex (contains nested objects).

On the frontend side of Ember.js, which should accept a JSON response and form an object in the store. The structure of the models in ember is completely the same as the json structure from spring, including the links.

As a result, nested objects are not generated on the ember side, only simple fields.

createObject() {
  var _this = this;
  $.getJSON('http://localhost:8080/object/getCard?id=24').then(function (response) {
    console.log(response);'cards/object/card', response);

JSON example:

                    "fullName":"testName test",

The leader model is not populated.

How to properly map complex objects in Ember.js?


Good afternoon. Maybe you can send a request to the server using your method, but I think they don’t do that.

You have to send a request to the server through the store.

You should have a model ready in ember, as they write here . You have a route in which a request to the server occurs

For instance:

export default Ember.Route.extend({
  model() {
    return'leader', 23);

And from the server, most importantly, you should receive a response in the "json-api" style. Only in this case the response will be parsed as it should and will be sent to the store.

If your answer does not follow this format, then you need to implement your own adapter and serializer.

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