android – How to generate an APK without DEBUG in IntelliJ IDEA?


I just migrated my Eclipse projects to IntelliJ IDEA (it's the same one AndroidStudio uses, but with some minor differences).

However every time I click on Build > Build Apk it generates an APK with "debug enabled".

From what I've been reading the android:debuggable="true" is not supported since 2010.

How can I generate the APK?


I think the "non-debugger" mode is only when the app is signed, then you have an .apk to send to the play store. You can't send an app to the store without it being signed (which is why it's a debugger).

Create a signature for it and link it to the project there at:

Right click on the Project:

Open Module Settings > Signing

Add a signature and link the .jks file at that moment your project will be signed and you can release it to users, to go back to development, remove the signature and later turn it on again, when you want to release a new release.

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