How to force git to keep a directory but ignore all files inside it?


I have a certain folder and logs that are essential for my application to work. I would like to add it to my repository, for those who replicate don't want to keep creating the same when doing git clone . But the detail is that the log files should not go to the repository, but only the folder.

How to do this?


To do this in git just add a .gitignore file inside the desired folder and then determined that all files except the .gitignore will be ignored inside that folder.



Content of the .gitignore that is inside the logs folder:


Now just use the git add logs/ command. Thus, the logs folder will be added to the repository, but the log files in that folder will be ignored.

I usually use this a lot for uploads folder that need to exist, but I don't need the files that are in it.

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