javascript – How to find a library that conforms only to ECMAScript

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I would like to know how to find a library that depends only on ECMAScript (excluding DOM and browser specifications).
Specifically, it's like using it in a browser or ECMAScript engine. I think there will be something that does not involve the UI and consists only of pure operations, but how about it?

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For example, if the hypothesis that "what depends on something = uses something globally defined" holds, then

"If you run jshint without specifying anything in globals in the .jshintrc file, it means that the dependent library is using what is globally defined, that is, the global one that is not declared in the target library. I get a warning "

I think. For example, when you run jshint on the library you're investigating, you'll get "$ not declared" if you're using jQuery, and "angular isn't declared" if you depend on AngularJS1. (Of course, it doesn't make sense to run jshint as a set up to the dependent libraries).

If you don't get a warning, it's likely that you don't have any dependent libraries. It's not a reliable method, but I think it can be used as a basis for judgment.

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