How to extract week number from month in R?


I'm having trouble extracting the week number of the month from a specific date.


hoje = Sys.Date()

[1] "2019-02-11"

In the date example above, hoje would be the 2nd week of the month.

I know that:

wday() #extrai o dia da semana.
mday() #extrai o dia do mês.
month() #extrai o mês.

But how can I use R to extract from hoje the week of the month?


You can use the lubridate::day function in conjunction with the ceiling function:


hoje<-Sys.Date() # Sys.Date retorna a data de hoje
[1] "2019-02-11"

day(hoje) # day retorna o dia do mês
[1] 11

day(hoje)/7 # dividir o dia pelo número de dias de uma semana (7)
[1] 1.571429

ceiling(day(hoje)/7) # retorna a semana do mês a qual a data está
[1] 2
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