python – How to dynamically create a variable whose name may contain the value of another variable?


You need to create a variable like this (pseudocode):

Имя_%номер-пользователя% = значение

How to do this?


In addition to the existing answer.

Dynamic creation of variables is difficult to maintain. And it might not be safe.

You can use dictionaries. Dictionaries are stores of keys and values.

>>> dct = {'x': 1, 'y': 2, 'z': 3}
>>> dct
{'y': 2, 'x': 1, 'z': 3}
>>> dct["y"]

You can also use key names as variables

>>> x = "spam"
>>> z = {x: "eggs"}
>>> z["spam"]

For times when you think of something like

var1 = 'foo'
var2 = 'bar'
var3 = 'baz'

a list might be more appropriate than a dictionary. A list is an ordered sequence of objects with integer indices:

l = ['foo', 'bar', 'baz']
print(l[1])           # prints bar, because indices start at 0
l.append('potatoes')  # l is now ['foo', 'bar', 'baz', 'potatoes']

Lists can be more convenient than dictionaries with integer keys. For example, adding and removing elements is more convenient.

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