google-fonts – How to download Roboto v15 font?


I have always used this link to download: ",900&subset=latin,cyrillic ", but for several days I have been observing that the Roboto 16px font has become more elongated. I look in the css file, and the new version "s/roboto/v16/" appears there.

The question is, can I somehow forcefully indicate that I need version 15?


This issue has been discussed in the Roboto repository for a week now. and

It is said that it became "better" this way, since a certain error that few people noticed was fixed, and the fact that the font began to look like a different font is, as they say, "your problems" (while the Roboto font is used on more than 10 million sites and ruined the design on many).

The only way to resolve this issue once and for all is to download the desired version of the font from your host, without relying or relying on uncontrolled third-party services.

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