How to do the Hosmer-Lemeshow test in R?


I have a dataset to do the logistic regression of the dependent variable childbirth which is binary qualitative.

With the command below I obtain the multivariate logistic model in the R program:

GLM.1 <- glm(parto ~ trabalho + financiamento + consulta, family=binomial(logit), data=Dataset)

The independent variables of this model are also binary qualitative.

I would like to know which R command should I use to get the Hosmer-Lemeshow test to check if this model fits.

If it is necessary to use a specific R package for this, I would like to know what this package would be and which function to use.


With a quick search on Stack Overflow in English and with R 's own RSiteSearch command I found 2 functions for such a test. hoslem.test from the ResourceSelection package and logitgof from the generalhoslem package

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