How to develop programs for Android using Python?


To develop programs for Android in Python, is it necessary to build a framework in such a way that the application is executable on Android phones?

I'm new as an Android programmer, I'm studying and I learned that Python has great portability. How can I write Android programs in Python? It's possible?


You can take a look at the Kivy framework, it is open source, developed in Python to program in Python , focused on modern applications, being cross-platform, multi-touch, open source, simple and fast.

About installation and requirements you can have a look at the answer to this question from SOen , I won't venture to translate the answer as my English is still poor.

For more about kivy you can consult the Documentation or the project on GitHub , there is also this talk on youtube about developing apps with Kivy .

Note: I've never installed or tested Kivy , just read about it in some posts in the Python community, so I won't be able to give you more detailed information about Kivy .

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