c# – How to determine the device type?


It is necessary that the application goes into full screen mode only on phones. Tried just that.

ApplicationView view = ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView();

But, logically, it will switch to full screen both when launched on a PC and on a phone. And to keep track of the screen size on which the application is launched, as for me – crooked … Maybe there is some easier way to specify that phones should have a full screen?


You can check the type of device on which the application is running:

var platform = Windows.System.Profile.AnalyticsInfo.VersionInfo.DeviceFamily;
if (platform == "Windows.Mobile")

Other possible values:

  • Windows.Desktop (if UIViewSettings.GetForCurrentView().UserInteractionMode == UserInteractionMode.Mouse then desktop, otherwise tablet)
  • Windows.Universal (this is an IoT device)
  • Windows.Team (this is the surface hub)

True, Microsoft does not recommend using this property. The official policy is that you shouldn't want to customize the app depending on the platform.

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