How to delete a Git branch both locally and remotely?


I want to delete a branch both locally and remotely from a GitHub project.

Locally deleted

> git branch -D feature/experiment
> Deleted branch feature/experiment (was 863225e).

Attempts to delete a branch on the server

> git branch -d origin/feature/experiment
error: branch 'origin/feature/experiment' not found.
> git branch -rd origin/feature/experiment
Deleted remote branch origin/feature/experiment (was 863225e).
> git pull
* [new branch]      feature/experiment -> origin/feature/experiment

It's not clear what "Deleted remote branch" means if the branch was not actually deleted? The subsequent pull command shows this.

What should I do to delete a branch both locally and on the server?


In Git v1.7.0, you can delete a remote branch using

git push origin --delete <branchName>

which is easier to remember than

git push origin :<branchName>

added in Git v1.5.0 "to remove a remote branch or tag".


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