How to define a Static Dictionary with initialized elements in C#?


Good morning SOes brothers, I have this situation:

I need a dictionary with previously defined data, this dictionary is supposed to be read-only so the million dollar question is:

How can I define a static dictionary with initialized elements?

This way when you have to work some clave , the valor will be obtained from the dictionary.


If the data in that dictionary is readonly and it is a dictionary for the entire class, make static and of type readonly

public class ClaseDeEjemplo {

    public static readonly Dictionary<string, string> ejemploDiccionario = new Dictionary<string, string>() {           
        {"Clave1", "Valor1"},
        {"Clave2", "Valor2"},
        {"Clave3", "Valor3"}


And you use it as follows:

var ValorDependiendoDeLaClave = ejemploDiccionario[VariableDeNombreDeAlgunaClave];

That is, if VariableDeNombreDeAlgunaClave contains a string named Clave1 , the value will be Valor1 .

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