How to create my own Git server?


I am trying to work with Git and am having some problems. The scheme is as follows:

I have two PCs in my house, one I want it as a server, to host my projects and the other I want it to clone those projects. The problem arises when cloning. The two PCs have Linux and created the git users and their emails.

The PC that acts as a server has a repository created in the following path:


And from the client PC I want to clone it. I have read that there are various access methods like git , ssh and http .

I have generated the ssh keys from client and server, and my client's public ssh key has already been added to my server's /.ssh/authorized_keys file.

What am I doing wrong that I can't clone it?

I have tried the following commands:

  1. git clone git@ip_local_servidor/usuario_servidor/ruta_del_repo/repositorio.git

  2. git clone git@ip_pública_servidor/usuario_servidor/ruta_del_repo/repositorio.git

  3. git clone ssh://usuario_servidor@ip_pública_servidor/ruta_del_repo/repositorio.git

  4. git clone http://ip_pública_servidor/usuario_servidor/ruta_del_repo/repositorio.git

  5. git clone+ssh://usuario_servidor/ruta_del_repo/repositorio.git

The last one (number 5) I'm not really sure, I just copied it from the internet and edited the user and the path, but the clone+ssh header I don't know if it is left like this or refers to something else.

I would appreciate if you can help me and answer, I have been trying this for weeks and I can not achieve it. From already thank you very much.

PS: I have tried different IPs , the local one that is given by my router, and the public one when I connect to the internet. Example 1 and 2 are the same, they just have different IPs .


I think the path you are using to access your repository is not correct. The command you should use would be this:

git clone user@ip_servidor:/var/www/html/carpeta_del_proyecto/repositorio.git

Also, you could have a permission problem, to make sure you could use the scp command and check if that user has read and write permissions on that folder and if ssh access is working for you. If you are going to have a single user, locating the repository in the user folder could simplify this.

Take a look at this link where you have documented how to create a Git server

You could also set up a more advanced server using the Community edition of GitLab , but that depends on your needs.

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