php – How to convert number in billions to a smaller comparison chain?


Suppose you have an exercise in the following aspect, I need to take from an array with random integers, the largest number that is between the ranges.

For example, I have an array: array(2, 8, 4);

  1. would have to order: 2,4,8

  2. check the range from 2 to 4 = 2, and from 4 to 8 = 4

  3. the largest interval, in this case, would be 4 , between 4 and 8.

Starting from this idea, I have the following code structure:


class VerifyNumbers

    private $arr = array();

    public function __construct(array $arr)
        $this->arr = $arr;

    public function verifyMaxIntersectionFromArray()
        $collection = array();


        for ($i= 0; $i < count($this->arr); $i++) {
            if (isset($this->arr[$i + 1])) {
               $collection[] = ($this->arr[$i + 1] - $this->arr[$i]);
        return max($collection);


$verifyNumber = new VerifyNumbers(array(100, 3000, 4000, 25, 540, 20, 200, 300));
$maxIntersection = $verifyNumber->verifyMaxIntersectionFromArray();

echo $maxIntersection;

The question I ask is, and if in this case, I had input values ​​in this array that exceeded the 4 billion place, or even greater, because there could be negative numbers, which would double, the range, how could I convert these numbers input in a smaller, readable string, since in PHP 5, an invalid digit is passed to an octal integer (eg 8 or 9), the rest of the number will be ignored.


You must format the number. Let's imagine that $num is the variable of the number I want to format:

echo "O seu número formatado é: ". number_format($num, 4);

What's in front of the $num is how many places this number is going to have. So, in that case, instead of being for example 1.000000 it's going to be 1.0000!

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