How to convert fonts to woff by gulp plugin


I have an assembly on gulp. I am currently base64 encoding the pluggable fonts using gulp-font2css . It normally connects OTF , TTF , WOFF and others. But I would like to additionally convert all fonts to WOFF in order to win extra kilobytes.

Also, I wouldn't want any global dependencies. I tried to install gulp-fontgen , but it started asking me to install fontfroge and I didn’t understand further. Although if there is no other option, then I will work with him. If it works at all.

The rest of the GulpJS plugins GulpJS either just base64 encodes the fonts like gul-font2css , or gul-font2css fonts from Google Fonts , which is not my case. I also saw gulp-ttf2woff , but it only works with TTF , so it's not that. Well, it seemed to me that gulp-fontgen it as a dependency, which means that fontfroge may also be needed fontfroge . I haven't tested it though.

Well, the third thing I would like is to be able to cut out glyphs, as Font Squirrel can do, but this is already the maximum program.


You can use gulp-fonter to convert to WOFF (does not convert to WOFF2)

npm i - D gulp - fonter

const fonter = require('gulp-fonter');

gulp.task('fonts', () => {
  return gulp
      subset: [66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71],
      formats: ['woff', 'ttf']

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