php – How to convert data in percentages and in dollars?


I have a variable called $poits which has numerical values, of that variable I need to show its values ​​in percentage between 1 to 100% , which the condition to reach 100% that variable must have a value of 1000 (thousand) points, to reach 100% .

From that same variable I need another option to be able to move to dollars, the condition is that if that variable has the value of 1000 (thousand), it prints a profit of $5.00 dollars, but if it has another value that shows how much it is generating, for say if it only has a value of 30 , this shows in dollars the percentage I imagine by saying $0.00012 for $5.00 .

My idea is to show a graph with the percentages, and at the same time show you your earnings according to the graph.


Try processing your values ​​using a simple rule of three and save your calculations in an associative array:

  /* Regla de tres simple para abmso cálculos
   * 1000 = $5 = 100%
   * 30   = $x = n% 

  $base = 1000;
  //ganancia maxima
  $max_ganancia = 5;

  $points = 1000;

  // cálculo de porcentaje y ganancia
  $porcentaje = $points * 100 / $base;
  $ganancia = $points * $max_ganancia / $base;

  //poniendo dos decimales a la ganancia
  $ganancia = number_format( $ganancia, 2 );

  echo $points." => ".$porcentaje."% - $".$ganancia;

Here the demo

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