How to configure Internet access from FreeBSD 10 guest from VirtualBox on Windows 10?


There is a home network: a router to which a home computer with Windows 10 is connected and a server with FreeBSD 10.2 on which there will be a couple of sites. I originally planned to use it, but during testing it turned out that it is unlikely to cope with the load.

Installed FreeBSD 10 ( on Windows 10 . With the default settings (through NAT in VB), freebsd from the virtual machine goes to the Internet, but is not visible from the host and LAN. It is necessary to make sure that the guest axis is accessible from the localhost (for transferring data from the old freebsd server), from the Windows host via SSH, and from the external Internet. I tried to put on the virtual network adapter VB , in the settings of the network card Win included the distribution of the Internet, in VB – the type of network in the bridge and in the virtual network adapter, in the guest freebsd set , nameserver – no route to host. Tell me how to do it all correctly?


Replaced VirtualBox with Hyper-V – it worked without additional configuration.

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