php – How to check if an image exists in a remote URL?


In order to have the administration of a website to be performed from a different server from the one where the website is hosted, the problem of dealing with remote images arose.

Common Problems:

  • Check if the image actually exists before creating links to it;
  • When replacing a certain image, check if the previous one exists so that it can be deleted;
  • Check that the image uploaded to the server does not have the same name as an existing image.

Normally, this type of operation is performed with is_file() , but as it does not support URLs, only absolute or relative paths of the server itself, it is therefore unfeasible for this scenario.


Using PHP, how can I check if a remote image exists?


For that you use file_exists , in addition to remote URL it works with absolute or relative paths of the server itself, like this:

       //seu código...

other useful functions are:

  • is_readable – Tells if the file is readable.
  • file – Read the entire file into an array
  • file_get_contents – Reads entire file to a string (extremely useful)
  • fread – Binary-safe read from file
  • readfile – Reads and displays the contents of a file
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