angularjs – How to change the text of the Bootstrap Pagination UI paging buttons?


I'm working with Bootstrap Pagination UI , but by default the language is in English.

Would it be possible to change without having to modify the Javascript directly? If yes, could you give me a simple example?


According to SOEN's answer, you can configure globally through the object that configures the UI Bootstrap Paginator through paginationConfig , as below:

angular.module('myapp', ['ui.bootstrap'])

   paginationConfig.firstText = 'Primeiro';
   paginationConfig.previousText = 'Anterior';


In the documentation itself it is also possible to see that it is possible to make these settings through the attributes passed in uib-pagination .

Are they:

  • first-text : The text of the button that goes to the first page
  • last-text : the text of the button that goes to the last page
  • previous-text : the text of the button that goes back a page
  • next-text : the text of the button that advances one page


<ul uib-pagination first-text="Primeiro" previous-text="Voltar"></ul>

Just put the desired values ​​to stay in the desired language.

Note : This last form only affects the local configuration. If you want to leave the translation global, do it through paginationConfig ;

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