javascript – How to change the color of a tr according to the data of a td?


I have some tr in the table that contains the tr-child class and I would like to change their color when the value of the fourth column of this tr is > 0. Is this possible to do with jquery ?

had already done something…

$('.tr-child td:nth-child(4)').each(function(index, element){
if(element.innerHTML > 0){
// precisaria setar a tr referente a esta td aqui <--


See the example using the find() function

Tip: Instead of using JavaScript's innerHTML , use jQuery's html() , you may have problems in some browsers using innerHTML as html() will instantiate the JavaScript function after some checks.

$('table tr').each(function() {
  var valor = parseInt($(this).find('td:nth-child(3)').html());
  if (valor > 60)
.colorido {
  background: red;
<script src=""></script>
<table style="width:100%">
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