How to change paper size via Java?


I am creating an application which commands Graphics objects to be printed to a specific printer, what I need is to be able to change the paper size settings through java code.

This is my code with which I print and put printing attributes, such as the number of copies, the color of the paper, orientation, etc., that if it does it correctly.

PrinterJob job = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob();
PageFormat pf = new PageFormat();

int numero = Integer.parseInt(SNumero.getValue().toString());

PrintRequestAttributeSet aset = new HashPrintRequestAttributeSet();
aset.add(new Copies(numero));
aset.add(new MediaPrintableArea(0, 0, 62, 29, MediaPrintableArea.MM));

Paper paper = new Paper();
paper.setSize(175.748031496, 82.204724409);
double margin = 8.503937008;
paper.setImageableArea(0, 0, 175.748031496, 82.204724409);


job.setPrintable(new ObjetoDeImpresion(),pf);

try {
} catch (PrinterException ex) {


I've tried adding something like this to tell the printer to print a paper size that I want, but it doesn't work:

aset.add(new MediaSize(62, 29, MediaSize.MM));

My paper size is 62mm wide and the paper is continuous in length, so it should be possible to define a length size.

Does anyone have any idea how to do it?


Have you tried Paper like this?

  1. Create a Paper with your measurements using the setSize and setImageableArea methods, for example.
  2. Create a PageFormat and assign it the paper that you have previously created with the setPaper method.
  3. Add the PageFormat you created to your aset .


Hope this can help you.

EDIT: Seeing that this solution has not served you. Let me know if you've tried the following: You use the setPrintable method like this: job.setPrintable(new ObjetoDeImpresion());

But you could also use it from this: setPrintable(Printable painter, PageFormat format) This could be a good way to pass it your PageFormat that you can create as I commented in my first answer.

Another option:

Taken from here , it looks good.

Book book = new Book(); //java.awt.print.Book
book.append(this, pf);

instead of:

job.setPrintable (new PrintObject (), pf);

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