c# – How to change browser fingerprint


The program uses CefSharp. The task is to change the fingerprint of the browser.

As far as I was able to delve into the topic of browser fingerprint, I realized that the fingerprint itself is formed through the analysis of a number of parameters, for example, UserAgent, browser plugins, screen resolution, etc.

Here you can see an example of a fingerprint and the parameters that form it.

But the question remains open for me, how can this data be changed?

For example, how do I change the screen resolution?


As far as I understand, in order to change the fingerprint of a browser, it is enough just to change one of its components. The simplest option is to change UserAgent. Perhaps the only difficulty is that you are working with CEF.

CefSharp has such a thing as CefSettings. And she, in turn, has the CefSettings.UserAgent field. I think it's clear which direction I'm leaning in. Sample code from English SO:

public Form1()


     CefSettings cfsettings=new CefSettings();
     cfsettings.UserAgent = "My/Custom/User-Agent-AndStuff";

     chromiumBrowser = new CefSharp.WinForms.ChromiumWebBrowser("http://whatsmyuseragent.com/")
        Dock = DockStyle.Fill,



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