jquery – How to change a link <a>according to an</a><select> <a>?</a>


I'm creating a price list for my website, and I need that when the person changes the payment cycle, the link <a> (CONTRACT) be changed to go to the cart.

Example: If the person selects the Monthly cycle, the link will change to:


If the person chooses Quarterly , the link will change to:


If the person chooses Semester , the link will change to:


And if the person chooses Annual , the link will change to:




Dude I made some changes in your Fiddle to work take a look there. I found it a little confusing because you were already using the value of the combos options to control the writing of the value, so I had to create an attribute in the options called " data-opt " with the values ​​{M,T,S,A}. Another change I had to make was to put id in the links and in each select I created a data-link attribute to match each combo with its respective link.

It wasn't the most correct way to do it, but it's working.

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