c++ – How to build a program that uses a third-party library


There is a program that consists of one .cpp file. It uses the libcurl library. You need to compile this case for embedded Linux on a Cortex A7 (arm 32-bit) processor.

As I understand it, you need to configure and then build the library for the desired architecture, and then build the program itself using a cross-platform compiler.

The problem is that I have no idea how to tell the compiler to #include understand that the library is somewhere near here.


how to indicate there so that #include understands that the library is somewhere nearby here

In fact, we are talking about the header file of the library (* .h)

-I. (includes are searched in the same folder as the compiled file)

so that the linker knows where the compiled library is located

the -L. (in the same folder)

so that when loading the library is searched in the same folder with the executable file

flags -Wl, -R,\$$ORIGIN

It's probably not enough to solve your specific problem, but these are the three standard methods to build and run something in one folder. Might be of some help.

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