dns – How to browse the suffix list of domains that can be registered

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Dealing with cookie monster bugs such as the advent of new TLDs and the addition of SLDs is becoming more complex, but Mozilla's Public Suffix List is available in real time to find out if a particular domain is generally registrable. And how can I refer to it efficiently?

The list is already huge, and it seems impossible in the future to catch up with the constantly changing registry-side procedures from text files around the world.


Currently, I regularly refer to this list and cache it in my local DB, but I even get the illusion that it goes back to the era of name resolution by / etc / hosts.

How should current best practices address this issue?
Also, if there is a discussion forum where the methodology is actively discussed, please let me know.

Answer: Answer:

As long as you check the Public Suffix List site, you'll see the diffs in the Atom feed, so you can see the changes there.


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