c# – How to avoid multiple IEnumerable enum?


There is a method that returns a sequence consisting of pairs of adjacent elements. For example, given the sequence {1,2,3}, the method should return two pairs: (1,2) and (2,3).

The solution that immediately came to mind:

return items 
    .Take(items.Count() - 1) 
    .Zip(items.Skip(1), Tuple.Create);

But in this case, IEnumerable is enumerated more than once. How can you solve the problem without multiple enums (keeping the method lazy)?


For example, yes. Let's declare an extension method that produces consecutive pairs:

public static class EnumerableExtensions
    public static IEnumerable<R> Pairwise<T, R>(
            this IEnumerable<T> sequence, Func<T, T, R> selector)
        using (var it = sequence.GetEnumerator())
            if (!it.MoveNext())
                yield break;
            T prev = it.Current;
            while (it.MoveNext())
                yield return selector(prev, prev = it.Current);

And we use:

return items.Pairwise(Tuple.Create);
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