How to apply font in a pdf using DOMPDF in CakePhp 3?


I am using the framework cake PHP 3 and I am generating a pdf using the DOMPDF liberia the problem that the pdf uses a font that I don't know how to apply it,

It is worth mentioning that the pdf is created with html from a controller:


$html = "<!DOCTYPE HTML>
            <html lang='en'>
                <meta charset='utf-8'>
                 @font-face {
                   font-family: 'Soberana Titular Light';
                   src: url(\"\") format(\"truetype\");
                  <div class='contenedor__bg'>
                    <div class='header'>
                      <div style='display: inline-block;width: 9.14cm;text-align: left;'>
                        <img src='img/img__logo--sep.png' style='height: 1.3cm;width: 4.37cm;'>
                      <div style='display: inline-block;width: 9.25cm;text-align: right;    float: right;'>
                        <img src='img/logo__dgb__350.png' style='width: 2.3cm;'>
                    <div style='width: 100%;text-align: center;padding: 0.1cm 0;'>
                      <div style='width: 100%;font-family: SoberanaSans-Ligh;font-size: 10pt;'>SISTEMA EDUCATIVO NACIONAL</div>


I already tried to pull a font from the internet, I tried to add the font in webroot / font and from there get it but nothing works for me


Hi, I would like to answer my own question in case anyone runs into the same problem as me. I put the css in the same html and to interpret the path of the font I did it as follows:

 @font-face {
       font-family: 'SoberanaSans-Regular';
       src: url(".ROOT.DS.'webroot'.DS.'font'.DS.'SoberanaSans-Regular.ttf'.");

Save the font in the following path webroot / font /

I hope it helps. Thanks!

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