How to allocate more resources to a docker container?


When you create a docker container there is no way to allocate resources like RAM , disco duro , etc. The only thing I have seen is how to open ports so that there is communication with the outside ( see here ) and also how to add volumes ( see here ) to store or read files.

But I have not found a way to manage the resources of a docker container , does anyone know if that is possible? Are there default values? Do they grow automatically depending on demand? Can they be restricted?

I have searched the official documentation but have not found anything related.


What you are looking for is the reference for run that is here . In direct response by copying the examples in the documentation:

Map RAM (memory)

With memory limit up to 300MB and without swap

$ docker run -ti -m 300M --memory-swap -1 ubuntu:14.04 /bin/bash

With limited memory and with all the swap that is available:

$ docker run -ti -m 300M ubuntu:14.04 /bin/bash

There are a multitude of other options in the documentation (limit swap, etc). Look at the reference I gave above.

Map hard drive

Since version 1.9.1. it is possible to limit the use of hard disk directly (in response to incident # 3804 where you will find the history of this functionality). I have not used it myself, but according to the documentation it would have the following form:

$ docker create -it --storage-opt size=120G ubuntu:14.04 /bin/bash
[...responde con un guid del nuevo contenedor ..
$ docker start -a -i [.. aqui el guid de arriba ..]
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