How does cross-platform work in .NET Core?


How does cross-platform work in .NET Core? Is it calculated on the fact that the developer on Windows will compile the dll and users will run the DLL through dotnet program.dll? Or am I not understanding something? (I know that exe can be compiled, but dll compiles by default, why?)


.NET Core so far is essentially designed only for server applications: either the web backend or services. So now the only file format is dll. For the same reason, the "users" who will launch them are developers / admins / devops / automation. These "users" in any case do not launch such applications by double-clicking the mouse. Plus, this approach allowed Microsoft to do everything on its own, nothing is required from the OS side.

Perhaps, when (and if) the desktop cross-platform UI is finished, they will come up with a more friendly launch (although support from the OS is needed here).

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