c# – How do you make WinForms interfaces?


Hello Hashcode!

I would like to ask people who make interfaces on WinForms how they are doing and how easy it is for them to live.

What is the actual problem. There are three paths to a WinForms frontend developer:

  1. Be content with standard controls.
  2. Write your own.
  3. Download / buy third-party.

The first option disappears as soon as you start looking at the standard controls provided by visual studio. No, personally, I have nothing against well-haired minimalistic applications that use only native buttons, combo boxes, etc., but from personal experience, every year after the release of the 2007 office, users turn up their noses more and more from the 'boring' ones. components.

I am ready to go to writing my own controls in the case of a long-term project, when it is really worth it. In other cases, I would like ready-made solutions.

Most of all hopes were pinned on third-party components, but as I understand they are either paid or molded in a quick hand in a rip-out style. Maybe I missed something, and there are a lot of good collections of controls freely available? After all, a popular technology, there must be solutions.

As an answer to the question, either a link to a free collection of controls, or the phrase "WinForms meter" will be fine for me.


According to my IMHO, I would recommend a smooth transition to WPF. The standard features for integrating WPF and WinForms in one application allow you to do this literally "smoothly" and painlessly.

What's the advantage of WPF? In the context of your question, it's pretty easy to make non-boring components on it. Firstly, and it's nice that it's easier to do it yourself, and secondly, this also leads to the fact that the community is actively creating them under free licenses, and there is no need to pay someone or suffer yourself.

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