php – How do you compare the sizes of two boxes?


Given two boxes with dimensions (L, B, H). We need to write a nice (speed-optimized) size comparison function sizes_compare(l1, b1, h1, l2, b2, h2):booleean , function sizes_compare(l1, b1, h1, l2, b2, h2):booleean , output: equal / not equal. Considering that boxes (1,2,3), (1,3,2), (2,1,3), (2,3,1), (3,1,2) and (3,2,1 ) are the same (just inverted in space).

Something I do well, it turns out very long. It was not possible to come up with a hash function, collisions slip through. By direct comparison, we get the Šaghetti code. If you think of it as two arrays, sort and compare, it's somehow too tricky …

language is not important, ideas of how this can be optimally implemented are interesting. Used in a critical place, optimization for execution speed is needed.


Sorting and comparing sequentially is the most normal option.

In this case, you can sort both by sorting the array, and simply by hand.

#include <cstdio>
#include <algorithm>

using namespace std;

int main()
  int a[3], b[3];

  scanf("%d%d%d%d%d%d", a, a+1, a+2, b, b+1, b+2);

  sort(a, a+3);
  sort(b, b+3);

  puts(a[0]==b[0] && a[1]==b[1] && a[2]==b[2] ? "YES" : "NO");

  return 0;
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