How do I use the symbol tag in place of the g tag in iron-iconset-svg?


I'm trying to define an iron-iconset-svg using using the icons with the symbol tag instead of using the geo tag icon is not rendered. In all documentation and references on the internet SVG is used with the g tag. Exists

Here is an excerpt of the code:

<iron-iconset-svg name="br-icons">
  <svg style="display: none">
      <symbol id="icon-menu" viewBox="0 0 1024 1024">
        <path class="path1" d="M64 192h896v192h-896zM64 448h896v192h-896zM64 704h896v192h-896z"></path>

Here is the call to the component:

<iron-icon icon="br-icons:icon-menu"></iron-icon>

Does anyone have any idea how I can do this?


Dude, I believe it would be a little simpler:

    <!-- Seu componente aqui -->
    <svg style="display:none" id="my-icons">

    <!-- Elementos de seu componente --> 
      <symbol id="icon-1"><path d="coord..."> </symbol>
      <symbol id="icon-2"><path d="coord..."> </symbol>
      <symbol id="icon-3"><path d="coord..."> </symbol>


<!-- chamando seu componente -->
   <svg xmlns="" version="1.1" viewBox="x y w h">

<!-- passando o ID -->
     <use xlink:href="#icon-1"></use> 
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