expandablelistview – How do I get the group- and / or childPosition of the selected list item?


Given : ExpandableListView with its adapter inheriting BaseExpandableListAdapter. The list is given listeners groupClickListener and childClickListener. In both, by clicking on the element, I do this:

mDrawerList.setSelectedChild(groupPosition, childPosition, true);

As a result, the list displays the selected element (group or child), highlighting it with "@ <selector />".

The list itself is used as a pull-down menu in the NavigationDrawer.

Problem : selection is displayed only after the list is scrolled. Those. first I click on an item in the list – nothing happens externally, but programmatically the item is marked (selected). Then I drag the list and the element is colored with the color specified in the selector.

Tried :

expListView.notifyDataSetChanged(); //не помогает.

Possible solution : I am absolutely sure that the problem can be solved by changing the color of the element in the methods of the adapter that renders them:

public View getChildView(final int groupPosition, final int childPosition, boolean isLastChild, View convertView,
ViewGroup parent)
//получаем groupPosition и childPosition выбранного элемента
//тут меняем цвет выбранного элемента, сравнивая groupPosition и childPosition выбранного элемента с текущим

I'm sure, tk. this method is called every time the list slides off the edge of the screen.

The whole question is how to get the groupPosition and childPosition of the selected item.

I spent hours rummaging through the docks and methods of the adapter and the list, but I did not understand anything. Methods that should return data on the selected element all the time return the same values, which is not clear where to shove.

I'm ready to give up and write groupPosition and childPosition to the activity variables when clicking on an element and pick them up from there in the adapter. But I have a lot of activations with the same list – a lot of unnecessary code and variables.

Question : How do I get the groupPosition and childPosition of the selected item from the list / adapter?

Update 0

When clicked, everything correctly displays through this code:

public boolean onChildClick(ExpandableListView parent, View v, int groupPosition, int childPosition, long id)
    final long groupChildFlatPosition=ExpandableListView.getPackedPositionForChild(groupPosition, childPosition);
    final int groupPos1 = ExpandableListView.getPackedPositionGroup(groupChildFlatPosition);//(groupChildFlatPosition);
    final int childPos1 = ExpandableListView.getPackedPositionChild(groupChildFlatPosition);
    System.out.println("onChildClick_groupPos1: " + groupPos1 + "/ childPos1: "+childPos1);

public boolean onGroupClick(ExpandableListView parent, View v, int groupPosition, long id)
    final long packedPosition = parent.getExpandableListPosition(groupPosition);
    final int groupPosition1 = ExpandableListView.getPackedPositionGroup(packedPosition);
    System.out.println("onGroupClick_groupPosition1: "+groupPosition1);

In the adapter, here's the code (in getChildView ()):

final long groupChildPositionSelected=((ExpandableListView)parent).getSelectedPosition();
                switch(ExpandableListView.getPackedPositionType(groupChildPositionSelected)) {
                    case ExpandableListView.PACKED_POSITION_TYPE_CHILD:
                        System.out.println("position type: child");

                    case ExpandableListView.PACKED_POSITION_TYPE_GROUP:
                        System.out.println("position type: group");

                    case ExpandableListView.PACKED_POSITION_TYPE_NULL:
                        System.out.println("position type: null");
                final int groupPos1 = ExpandableListView.getPackedPositionGroup(groupChildPositionSelected);//(groupChildFlatPosition);
                final int childPos1 = ExpandableListView.getPackedPositionChild(groupChildPositionSelected);
                System.out.println("FROM_ADAPTER_groupPos1: " + groupPos1 + "/ childPos1: "+childPos1);


position type: null

FROM_ADAPTER_groupPos1: -1 / childPos1: -1

Those. the adapter cannot get any data about the selected item from the list.


This hack will probably help you –


two-dimensional array for storing the state of child and group items

  private selectedStatus[][];  

in the constructor, initialize the default state

  public MyExpandableListAdapter(Context context, int groupCount, int childCount) {
     selectedStatus = new boolean[groupCount][];
     for (int i = 0; i < groupCount); i++) {
        selectedStatus[i] = new boolean[childCheckCursor.getCount()];
        for (int j = 0; j < childCount; j++) {
            selectedStatus[i][j] = false;

set the background based on the status

public View getChildView(int groupPosition, int childPosition, boolean isLastChild, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) { 
    final View v = super.getChildView(groupPosition, childPosition, isLastChild, convertView, parent); 
    } else {
    return v; 

add a method that allows you to change the previous state and set a new one to the adapter

setSelectedStatus (int groupPosition, int childPosition) {
   for (int i = 0; i < selectedStatus.length; i++) {
      for (int j = 0; j < checkedStatus[i].length; j++) {
          if(i == groupPosition && j == childPosition) {
             selectedStatus[i][j] = true;
          } else {
             selectedStatus[i][j] = false;

in the listener you use

lv.setOnChildClickListener(new ExpandableListView.OnChildClickListener() {
    public boolean onChildClick(ExpandableListView parent, View v,
            int groupPosition, int childPosition, long id) {
        YuorListAdapter adapter = (YuorListAdapter) parent.getAdapter; // само собой это ваш адаптер
        adapter.setSelectedStatus(groupPosition, childPosition);
        return true;
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