seo – How do I get a page on my site to appear on the same day in google search results?


I need to know a way for a page on my site to appear in google search results on the same day.

Any suggestions on what needs to be done? Because I realize that there are sites that once a news is published in a few minutes it is already in the search results.


There are a few things you can do:

  1. Create a sitemap where you can tell the structure of the site and how often each page is updated. This does not guarantee constant indexing, but it does give a "tip" to Google's crawler robot.
  2. Keep the site structure organized and code clean. The more the HTML is within the standard expected by search engines, the better.
  3. Create good content, reasonably sized and not copied from another site, and linked by other sites (without forming a closed network of references). Google's crawler takes all of these things into account.

Google's algorithm identifies several characteristics of the site, so trying to trick it is tricky. If you put there on the sitemap that the page changes every hour and it actually changes once a day it will know that.

Also, higher ranking pages (multiple links to site, good content) are indexed more often.

Optimization for search engines is an art and a profession in itself. It can take a lot of work, depending on what you have at hand.

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