java – How do I complete a project in Android Studio?


How to make an apk file from a project in Android Studio for downloading to other devices?


There are at least two ways:

1. Manually

From the Android Studio menu, choose BuildGenerate Signed APK .

Next, create a keystore and the key itself, which will sign the application.

In the next step, choose Build typerelease , Finish . Next, by clicking Show in Explorer , the directory with the APK will open.

2. Using gradlew assembleRelease

In build.gradle set up the release configuration:

android {
    defaultConfig { ... }
    signingConfigs {
        release {
            storeFile file("my-release-key.jks")
            storePassword "password"
            keyAlias "my-alias"
            keyPassword "password"
    buildTypes {
        release {
            signingConfig signingConfigs.release

Next, from the root directory of the project, run gradlew assembleRelease .

Unless memory changes, by default the APK will be in %APP_DIR%\app\build\outputs\apk .

More detailed information can be found in the official documentation .

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