javascript – How can I make it so that when the dblclick event occurs, the click event would be ignored?


I set two event handlers for click and dblclick on one element.

For instance,

document.querySelector("div").addEventListener("dblclick", function () { console.log("Bye"); }, false);
document.querySelector("div").addEventListener("click", function () { console.log("Hi"); }, false);

However, when the mouse is double-clicked in IE-11, the click event is still caught twice.

That is, it turns out


How can I make it so that when the dblclick event occurs, the click event is ignored?


By simple means, no way.
The problem is that clicks are processed in order. First click , then dblclick , and it is necessary that the system somehow predicts whether there will be a second click or not. But she can't.

It seems to me that the only option is

  • put a delay on click processing. This delay will allow the system to "wait" for the second press. If there is no second click, the single click event will pass.
  • make a dblclick processing that would cancel the single click function and run its own

Well, if you organize a JS function for a common click, then you can drive everything into one. Something like this:

var waitingForClick = false;

function theClick(ev) {
    switch (ev.detail) {
    case 1: // первый клик
        waitingForClick = setTimeout(function() {
        }, 500);
    default: // больше чем один клик
        if (waitingForClick) { // отменить ждущий клик
            waitingForClick = false;

document.querySelector("div").addEventListener('click', theClick, false);
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