How can I do git pull after a history change on the remote?


If another developer made a change to git history and then did git push -f , git pull doesn't work for me.

How can I bring the changes from the remote?


Translated from git pull after forced update

The first step is to receive all the commits that are in the remote, for that I do

git fetch

I assume we are talking about master . If not, replace master with the name of the branch you are working with.


To point the local branches to the same commit as the remote one, you have to use git reset .

If you don't mind losing your local changes:

git reset origin/master --hard

This will undo all your changes and bring the same thing that is on the remote. From now on, git push and git pull will work as usual.

If you want to keep your changes local:

Instead of a hard reset, do a soft reset

git reset origin/master --soft

You can apply your local commits on top of what's on the remote using git rebase

git rebase -i origin/master

This will execute a rebase in interactive mode, where you can choose how to apply your local commits that are not on the remote above the current HEAD .

If the changes in the history deleted a commit that you have local, they will appear as commits pending to apply again. If you don't want them to apply, you will have to erase them as part of the rebase.

Use git command --help for more details and examples of how to apply any of these commands.

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