javascript – How Angularjs implements multilingualism


How does multilingualism affect SEO? What the URL should look like, example What tools do you use on your projects with angular to switch languages? I read a couple of articles similar to this one But I never found an answer to the question.


What tools do you use in your angular projects to switch languages?

Angular-translate module The project is quite active and experienced. The documentation is pretty good. It can be said to be the default choice for multilanguage in angularjs app.

How does multilingualism affect SEO?

Not worse than angular in my opinion. That is, it is angularjs rather than multilingualism that brings obstacles to SEO. There are two options:

  • Either the crawler interprets javascript, like a Google crawler since May 2014 , and then it is possible for it to index the page after rendering
  • Or the crawler does not interpret javascript. Then you need to somehow give the crawler the already processed version of the pages. See for example for this.
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