angularjs – How Abstract States works in angular


I'm working on an APP and I'm still getting to know the angular features.

I have a route file and I was suggested to add the abstract: true parameter to prevent url browsing. But I went to research more about it and I didn't understand very well what it actually does.

In nothing I've read it says it prevents browsing by url. So would you like to know what is the real functionality of this property?


A practical example might illustrate some possibilities.

Imagine that you have an application where access to a given state is controlled by permissions – for example, #/usuarios is a state that displays the list of users, but only users with admin permissions can see it.

You can create an abstract state acessoNegado , for example – which is invoked when the usuarios state is accessed without proper permissions.

Thus, the URL present in the browser is still #usuarios , but the user is viewing the content of #acessoNegado .

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