linux – Hot Key Priority


Opensuse 13.2(kde) + intelliJ IDEA

Some hotkeys are used in both idea and desktop. For example, you want to call some action in idea, but a desktop service application is called. If IDEA, in the window settings, disable " Use global keyboard shortcuts ", then absolutely all system shortcuts are disabled, including Alt + Tab .

Is it possible to set the priority of hotkeys for one application over all others? So that global combinations work only if the application does not have this combination. The variant with key remapping in IDEA or in all applications in which the same combinations are not suitable.


No. That's why there are global keys that would work always and everywhere and local ones that would work only in this application. At the same time, global keys should not conflict with global keys, so in Linux, in almost every native application, it is possible to change local keys, and in each DE you can change global keys to your liking and convenience.

Change either local combinations in idea or global combinations in kde.

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