html – High-speed layout


The question is: I want to learn how to typeset quickly. Really quickly, without "gaining experience over the years." What I mean?

For example, there is a standard template for a three-column site.


Almost no one argues with this pattern, almost everyone uses it. I would like to know more such templates. Better in the form of an online tutorial with examples (after all, most designs contain common elements).

What interests you in the first place.

  1. A centered horizontal menu in a fluid layout with variable width buttons and drop-down submenus. It's easy without submenus: display: table-cell.
  2. A box centered vertically on a blank page. More precisely, why sometimes it may not center.
  3. Blackout from modal dialog.

Individually, these examples are easy to find. I would like it all together (or the answer that there is no all together), moreover, that it was "correctly" laid out.


Emmet significantly increases the speed of typesetting.

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